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Marquis de Pierre Simon Laplace

French Mathematician, Astronomer and Physicist.



  • University of Caen.


  • Professor of Mathematics at the Ecole Militaire in Paris
  • Minister of the Interior (replaced after six weeks)
  • Senator, became Chancellor of the Senate in 1803
  • Count


  • Traite de me'canique ce'leste (Celestial Mechanics), (1799 - 1825 five volumes)
  • Exposition du systeme du monde (1796)
  • Theorie analytique des probabilites ( 1812)

Major Contributions

"As early as 1773, Laplace had demonstrated the invariability of planetary mean motions."

Newton had earlier pointed to irregularities or perturbations in planetary movements which would lead to the end of the world: Laplace's work, on the other hand, established the stability of the solar system."

Major work done in gravitational theory, also wrote a book on probability theory.

World famous and greatly honoured by many scientific institutions.

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